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Review of records: 

  • child's evaluations
  • report cards
  • assessments
  • developmental history
  • current and past IEP's
  • Section 504 Plans
  • RTI process

We will help parents prepare for IEP  and/or Section 504 meetings by proposing measureable goals and objectives and determining appropriate accommodations and special education related services.

Availability to attend IEP, Section 504, meetings and other school meetings to discuss program goals and progress.

We will act as a liaison in meetings between  the parents and the school district.

                                  Special Education Advocacy

 What is a Special Education Advocate?

A Special Education Advocate is someone who has a special education degree, has a child or family member with special needs, or has worked in related field.   A Special Education Advocate has a passion for meeting and serving the needs of Special Education Students.  Advocates understand special education services and has the knowledge to provide support, direction and encouragement to families. Advocates work with families and the school district to secure the best possible education for students.

A Special Education Advocate is Not....

A licensed, practicing attorney.

An Advocate is define as someone who supports or defends a cause or someone who pleads on another person behalf. Advocates are not practicing attorneys, however the are well versed in the laws and regulations of school district as well as the Federal and State laws.